How to find the perfect blend of digital technology and human experiences in service delivery

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Everyone’s talking about digital technology today – how it makes things more efficient, seamless and streamlined.

However, the part that no one talks about is how, specifically in service delivery, the rise of digital and automated technology has also highlighted the true value of human experiences. If anything, it has created an opportunity to find the perfect balance between automated digital tech and genuine human experiences.

So, how can you streamline your processes without removing the much-needed human touch? How can you cater to your customers by utilising both people and tech?

In this article, we’ll explore how you can find the perfect blend of digital technology and human-to-human experiences in your service delivery to create interactions that matter.

How does technology work in service delivery?

Integrating technology with your service design and delivery involves the use of innovative solutions that digitally transform your organisation to make your services faster, more efficient and automated.

This means utilising technology across:

All these contribute towards a more seamless journey for everyone who uses your services – whether you’re managing a healthcare facility, a business, a government office or an educational institution.

However, going too far means removing the human interactive element from the customer journey, which can be counter-productive.

Where do human experiences in service delivery come in?

Human service delivery should be a part of every step in the customer journey.

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Remember: technology is designed to complement your service delivery, not replace it.

In fact, you should be looking at technology as a way to give your team more opportunities to interact with your customers and create human-to-human connections – because, in the end, that is what people will remember from the experience.

By automating the repetitive admin tasks, you can free your staff up to focus on higher-level duties and achieve greater workplace efficiencies. This benefits everyone, from your customers and your organisations to your team themselves.

Without the admin workload, your staff can:

  • gain more work fulfilment
  • reduce the risk of burnout
  • increase productivity levels
  • focus more on customers, patients and students

The best services are both automated and efficient, but still personalised.

So, how can you find the ideal balance between digital technology and human experiences in service delivery?

The key is to first acknowledge that is not a tech vs human situation – it’s about finding how well they can work together. Then, you can take the following steps to make sure that you are applying the perfect blend for your business, educational institution, healthcare facility or government office.

  1. Get a clear understanding of your organisation’s needs.

It all starts with research. Start by asking the necessary questions:

This will set you up for a great start and help you identify which tasks should be delegated to machines and which should still be handled by humans.

  1. Find the technology that matches your organisation’s needs.

Once you have a clear understanding of your needs and goals for your business, healthcare facility or office, the next step is to find a reliable technology partner that can help your organisation match the needs of your customers – making everything efficient without compromising the human experience.

At NEXA, we have a range of service delivery solutions that you can choose from including:

You can use all of these across your entire service delivery process.

  1. Train your team to embrace the technology.

Finally, the key to making sure you can deliver top-quality service is to make sure that your team and your technology work together seamlessly.

That said, staff must be trained accordingly to manage the technology you have adopted as well as supplement it with genuine human experiences that will keep your service delivery holistic.

When it comes to service, your customers, patients and students today want efficient convenience – but they are still humans who are looking for rewarding experiences too.

So, as you adapt technology, the key is still to find that perfect balance for your customers.


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