How to improve your customers’ experience when queueing for services

What is a virtual queue?

If your business or organisation involves a large volume of customer flow and offers multiple services, then you will benefit from the use of virtual queuing.

What is queue management?

Waiting in a queue is part of everyday life whether it be at a grocery store, a government office filling out applications or paperwork, a healthcare facility or a bank or even to register for a university course. It is estimated that the average...

The Benefits of Queue Analytics

How many people are standing in your waiting lines at a given moment? How long will they be waiting? How long is too long? At what point are your queues hurting your service experience and resulting in dissatisfied customers?

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A sneak peak at queue management software of the future

For the hundreds of hospitals, tertiary education campuses, federal and local government departments and councils, business and other organisations we have had the privilege of working with over the last decade, our queue management software...

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey

Customer needs product/service. Customer sees that your product/service fits their need. Customer buys product/service from you.

What are waiting times really costing your business?

How long are your customers actually spending waiting? Even a few minutes spent on hold, during processing and physically waiting for an appointment add up. Every minute your customers spend waiting could be costing you.

Is consistency the key to successful flow management?

How is your company managing customer flow right now?