How the Service Design Approach helps all organisations enhance service delivery

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“There has to be a better way!”

If you have ever thought this about your own services, chances are, so have your customers.

Fortunately, there often is a better way – you can always improve your service delivery through the Service Design consultation process.

Service design is a method where consultative specialists, like the team at NEXA, assess the current service delivery process in your organisation, research improvements and then redevelop it to create a more sustainable, productive and efficient process that optimises the experience for everyone involved, including customers and staff.

NEXA has already helped numerous organisations across various industries with our consultative approach to service design, and we’ve put all of our insights into a free eBook you can download instantly.

Gain all the insights into this complete “how to” guide to service design here.

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Service Design: the better way for organisations across industries

While different organisations in different niches have varying service requirements and stakeholders, Service Design principles can be applied across them all.

At NEXA, we work with:

  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Government Organisations
  • Education Providers

With our consultative approach to Service Design, the service delivery process can be assessed and redesigned so that every interaction makes customers feel valued, efficiencies are improved and staff feel more supported.


Service Design for Businesses

Service Design allows us to identify and highlight the gap between customer expectations and the current service delivery process.

From here, our consultants help businesses like agencies, clinics, firms and shopping centres:

  • eliminate unnecessary queues
  • minimise wait times
  • reduce customer frustrations and
  • improve staff morale.

The result is a more effective service delivery, a better experience for all stakeholders, and potential business growth.

Service Design for Healthcare Providers

Providing excellent customer service in any industry is no easy feat – and healthcare is no exception.

More than just delivering quality service, it’s important to consider that patients are already feeling unwell when visiting healthcare facilities. However, there are ways to streamline the healthcare process and make it easier for employees working behind the scenes, healthcare providers and patients.

As the medical industry continues to endure through multiple global health crises, a consultative approach to Service Design is the key to delivering the care that patients deserve.

Service Design for Government Organisations

Local communities are becoming less tolerant of waiting in long queues to wait for government services.

Even though there are no competitors for residents to turn to in the hope of a better service experience, they have a loud voice on social media which keeps local government agencies accountable for the quality of the customer experience they provide.

With Service Design, local councils can create more efficient processes that will reduce the workload of their staff and make the experience for their residents a memorable one.

Want to learn more about the potential of Service Design?

Whether you’re a medical clinic, retailer or a local council, your customers’ experience will always come down to the quality of your service delivery.

This is why the process of Service Design is so important.

Download our free Service Design eBook today and learn how to assess, improve and innovate your existing services, as well as design new ones.


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