5 steps to creating a better patient experience (and why it matters)


How Service Design Blueprints can help you improve your patients’ journey

When a medical facility’s operations are running well, it’s easier to deliver a great patient experience from start to finish.

The 5 Principles of Service Design in Business

Whether you’re a medical clinic, a local café, restaurant, fashion retailer or a local council, the quality of your customers’ experience will always come down to the quality of your service design.

Why is Business Process Management Important for all Service-Based Organisations?

As each industry continues to evolve, one thing remains constant: if businesses want to be successful, it involves a commitment to providing the highest quality of service to improve the customer experience.

4 Ideas to Improve Your Healthcare Service Design

With the rise of a global pandemic along with aging populations and other conditions, there has never been a greater need for quality medical services.

How to improve the patient experience with effective communication

Let’s put yourself in the patient’s shoes.

How to get wait times down to just 3 minutes

How Service NSW Achieved a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating

The NSW government knew it had to put its customer service first. Which is why the NSW government created Service NSW, a one-stop-shop for customer service to unify and raise customer experience standards.

What is design thinking and how does it relate to service delivery?

‘Design thinking’ is an investigative and collaborative process that involves empathising with the users of a product or service to inform and improve upon its shortcomings. When applied to service delivery in a government context, design...

Service Design: Defining the Patient Experience

The patient experience is a concept of growing concern in the healthcare industry. It is a broad term that encompasses everything a patient interacts with and has the power to influence their perception about the professionalism, quality of care,...