4 tips to improve your customer journey mapping

As a service provider, your goal is to offer your customers a seamless journey.

Change management in the age of digital transformation

Technology is transforming the way we work.

10 Things Every Service Based Organisation Needs to Do to Improve their Customer Experience

Published 21 May 2021

We’re living in a world of instant gratification, where the customer demands an enjoyable, valuable and convenient journey when interacting with your business.

How To Improve Customer Experience With An Appointment Booking Solution

How paper-based outcome forms can lead to a loss of hospital revenue

"360° View of the Customer" is great, now what about The Customer's View of You?

Originally posted on the Qnomy blog here

Ever since CRM systems took center stage in service providing organisations, the notion of obtaining a "360 degree customer view" became a key part of business strategy, as the concept is thought of as key...

New Year Message from NEXA’s CEO

7 clever ways to reduce waiting times in your organisation

Nobody likes waiting in queues. Not only is the lost time frustrating, but also the feelings of uncertainty, boredom and annoyance makes the wait so undesirable and sometimes unbearable! Here are 7 ways to reduce waiting times in your service...

Customer experience is a conversation - how do you make it the best one you can?

Now that the world is technically at the fingertips of anyone with a smartphone, customers are getting savvier and savvier. And as they do, they are expecting the best possible customer experience – from every provider, every time.

Are you ready for today’s digital patient?

Today’s patients are not sitting idle in waiting rooms hoping they will be seen by a doctor at some stage. They are researching healthcare providers online, seeking recommendations on Social Media, looking up symptoms, booking appointments online...