Using Customer Flow To Bring Efficiencies


Having an efficient customer flow or queue management system not only has a positive and long lasting impact on your customers it can also help you optimise staffing levels in your branch.

In fact, most managers who establish some kind of customer flow or queue management system in their organisation end up discovering that it also enables them to keep track of how many employees are staffed in each area, what their tasks are and whether or not they should hire more personnel or distribute the workload more efficiently.

Today’s consumers hate queuing. Customers feel that they are not being taken into consideration, that they are wasting their time and could be using their time better. Needless to say, this has a serious negative impact on your company’s reputation and it is very likely that most of your clients will think it twice before recommending your company to their friends and colleagues.

The other impact is on your employees who find it hard to concentrate as the environmental noise increases and the ever increasing line of customers to be served becomes more evident.

Fortunately, by installing an efficient customer flow or queue management system all these problems can be easily solved in a short period of time. Customers are happier and, what is most important, your employees work in a more relaxed and pleasant environment.

Once the customer flow or queue management system is installed, managers are able to establish the peaks and troughs of the day. Staff workloads become visible and the managers can see what (if any) staff training is required by comparing service times between staff members. By establishing peak periods, employees shift the focus of their work from other areas such as the administrative department.

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