Why are you relying on market research?

Market research isn’t enough anymore

Relationship managers are facing an existential crisis

Why do relationship managers exist?

Change management in the age of digital transformation

Technology is forever changing the ways that we work. Automation replaces roles, innovation enhances others, and many tech-related roles which will boom in the next decade don’t even exist right now. Knowing how to successfully manage change as a...

Customer flow: this one thing will keep your customers smiling through each step of the process

In an age where your competitors can be Googled while they’re waiting in your queue, customers have never been more in control. Brand loyalty is becoming less important to consumers, and similar offerings can be sourced from around the world –...

The hidden value of appointment scheduling for hospitals

There is potential in appointment scheduling that is waiting to be unlocked – have you considered how it could change the experience of working at and visiting your hospital? Appointment scheduling can make your medical staff, your administrative...

A sneak peak at queue management software of the future

For the hundreds of hospitals, tertiary education campuses, federal and local government departments and councils, business and other organisations we have had the privilege of working with over the last decade, our queue management software...

Training isn’t the answer to culture change

Originally posted on The Customer Experience Company blog here.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey

Customer needs product/service. Customer sees that your product/service fits their need. Customer buys product/service from you.

What are waiting times really costing your business?

How long are your customers actually spending waiting? Even a few minutes spent on hold, during processing and physically waiting for an appointment add up. Every minute your customers spend waiting could be costing you.

How to reduce your no-shows

Do you know what your no-show rate is? “About a quarter” or “six-ish percent” is not a good enough answer! You need to be able to quantify these numbers so that you can start improving on them. We know that pesky patients who fail to put in an...