"360° View of the Customer" is great, now what about The Customer's View of You?

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Ever since CRM systems took center stage in service providing organisations, the notion of obtaining a "360 degree customer view" became a key part of business strategy, as the concept is thought of as...

4 Big Ideas to Improve your Healthcare Service Design

With the demand for healthcare increasing in Australia, innovation, efficiencies and cost-savings are always on the forefront of provider’s minds. But how do you provide those, while at the same time delivering the same (or better) service for...

When was the last time you walked in the patient’s shoes and sat in an outpatient waiting room?

It’s 9:40am and you have just parked at your local health care facility for your scheduled 10am appointment in the outpatient department. You have arrived early to make sure that you are ready to see the health care provider on time, hoping that...

Is the way you collect and share feedback as effective as it could be?

There’s no doubt that customer feedback is an important part of better understanding your customers, and ultimately, optimising your customer journeys, sales and service overall.

Is digital healthcare an asset for specialist patients?

Public debate is currently swirling amidst the introduction of Australia’s national digital health portal, My Health Record. While much of the current debate centres around the risks involved, it it is hard to ignore the obvious benefits of...

What are the benefits of a Queue Management System?

If you have customers who queue for your service, then you need to consider a queue management system. There are many reasons why a QMS can help your organisation, but here we’ve boiled them down to five crucial benefits.

What is a virtual queue?

If your business or organisation involves a large volume of customer flow and offers multiple services, then you will benefit from the use of virtual queuing.

Service Design: What are the 5 Principles of Service Design

Service Design is the activity of planning and implementing change to improve a service’s quality to meet the needs of the users of that service. It is a holistic, customer-centric approach using design principles, tools, processes and an...

Service Design: Why is Service Design a hot topic today?

Service Design is fast becoming a buzz word in the strategy world, but why? Let’s start by defining what it is.

5 Signs Your Organisation is In Need of Queue Management Technology

Every organisation or business has its own set of challenges to face and technology used to overcome them. Point-of-Sale devices and software allow you to provide quick and versatile service. Security cameras and programs allow you to keep...