Ten Reasons to use Digital Signage


As we know, there are so many different Digital Signage products on the market today. The questions is, why use Digital Signage?

In summary:
    1. 1. Digital Signage uses latest Internet technology and is installed on a server within your network or a hosted environment with access via a secure www address
    1. 2. Digital Signage uses ‘drag & drop’ and so no need for technical expertise. If you can use PowerPoint, you can use V-Flow
    1. 3. Within store, Digital Signage does not require a player (PC) per screen and so offers a cost saving over other Digital Signage products
    1. 4. Digital Signage integrates with third party product ‘out of the box’. No need for costly integration skills
    1. 5. Digital Signage includes dynamic work-flow and so you can ensure that the presentations and messages are right before they are broadcast
    1. 6. Digital Signage has dynamic scheduling and so presentations can be set up in advance
    1. 7. Digital Signage presentations interact with real-time events such as fire alarms
    1. 8. VDigital Signage uses standard web technologies and no need for specific file formats as Digital Signage supports over thirty different types of media files
    1. 9. Presentations can be reported on and therefore Digital Signage can be used for reporting on sales against presentation types. Particularly useful if you are using supplier sponsored advertising
    1. 10. Digital Signage can manage individual screens, groups of screens playing the same presentation or Video Walls…all out of the box

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