Can A Queue Management System (QMS) Really Improve Customer Experience?: 5 Beneficial Features of a QMS

Queuing – it’s inevitable today.

Hey Hey, it’s CX Day

CX Day is a global celebration of companies and people who are delivering the highest-quality experiences to customers, created by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the...

NEXA to sponsor the VHA Patient Engagement Award

To highlight the increased scope of innovation in the public health sector, the Victorian Healthcare Association has added extra categories to their annual awards. For the first time, member organisations will be able to enter the Patient Engagement...

NEXA's Q-Flow Patient Journey at The Emergency Department

NEXA’s Queuing solution for the emergency department streamlines the patient journey and enhances the visitor experience. To better understand just how this works, watch this video which highlights Mr Quimby’s visit to the Emergency Department (ED)...

The NEXA solution for the next generation

NEXA has a strong foothold in the tertiary education sector with our Student Experience solution being used in over 30 institutions across Australia. Recently, NEXA won a new contract with Edith Cowan University in WA and has been awarded the...

NEXA is proud to sponsor the National Local Government Customer Service Network

Integrating Customer Touchpoints

Introducing NEXA’s new brandable kiosks

NEXA's new state-of-the-art brandable kiosks not only help businesses manage optimal handling of customer traffic through your customer service centre, but also can be customised to reflect and advertise your business.

Ten Reasons to use Digital Signage

As we know, there are so many different Digital Signage products on the market today. The questions is, why use Digital Signage?

Is Digital Signage For You?

As we all know, businesses constantly change in order to survive. At the fore-front of these changes are the technologies that companies and their customers use. The reducing cost of technology has meant that systems, once for the privileged few,...