Tailoring the Student Experience through digital transformation


The Student Service Centres Conference or SSCC has been a fixture on the tertiary education landscape for the past decade. The conference was initiated by the Association of Tertiary Education Management and it seeks to identify best practice in customer service to students with elements of motivation and self-improvement with a strong focus on networking.

Each year the conference adopts a relevant theme and this year is no different with the focus on "Tailoring the Student Experience". Customer experience is a buzz word in the corporate world and as we are all consumers, the bar has been set for our experiences by companies like Apple, Amazon and the like and students expect the same quality of experience from their universities.

This year’s more corporate theme attracted speakers from outside the education sector, including the Australian State Government, Banking, a Commercial Airline and key note speaker Dee Madigan touching on social and political marketing left attendees with copious amounts of information to analyse, re-create and implement into their own social and workplace environment.

Over 200 delegates from all over the country flocked to Macquarie University for the 12th annual conference. NEXA is proud to once again sponsor this conference and connect with all the stakeholders ranging from VCs to students, as well as representatives of the commercial aspects of the student experience.

Joseph Brady, NEXA’s Education expert stated, “Having been to previous conferences held across Australia, we were delighted by the increased attendance at the conference. The conferences provide a great opportunity for customer service professionals from various high level education facilitators across Australia and New Zealand to catch up and discuss various topics across the two days and provide insight into how each University adapts to change and envisages their customer journey.”

NEXA’s Education Solution has been implemented at 31 tertiary institutions across the country (and counting!). NEXA has established a good track record amongst the education fraternity for positively impacting the student experience by reducing wait times, streamlining processes and empowering management transparency through real-time data.


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