Change management in the age of digital transformation

Technology is transforming the way we work.

Disrupting the patient waiting room to improve your patients’ experience

Time is very precious.

10 Things Every Service Based Organisation Needs to Do to Improve their Customer Experience

Published 21 May 2021

We’re living in a world of instant gratification, where the customer demands an enjoyable, valuable and convenient journey when interacting with your business.

Patient Journey Part 2: How can real-time engagement improve the experience of oncology patients during their visit?

In our first installment of this blog, we discussed creating a patient-centric operational treatment plan, and using an omnichannel approach to delegate and empower the patient as an integral part of the oncology patient journey. In this post we...

Patient Journey Part 1: How can omnichannel engagement improve the experience of oncology patients and supporting family?

Healthcare providers today ask more of patients; inundating them with intake forms, screening questionnaires, patient experience & satisfaction scores and more. Nevertheless, patients are interested in getting pertinent educational information,...

New Year Message from NEXA’s CEO

PART 2: Service design for the patient of the future

Following on from Part 1 which explored the basic principles of service design, the practical and applied framework through which an organisation’s services are designed from scratch or existing services re-designed, is the service design...

Part 1 of 2: Service design for the patient of the future

Less than a decade ago patients would automatically consult a medical professional to address their health issues. Now with the proliferation of technology and availability of information,  the patient approach to manage their healthcare has...

7 clever ways to reduce waiting times in your organisation

Nobody likes waiting in queues. Not only is the lost time frustrating, but also the feelings of uncertainty, boredom and annoyance makes the wait so undesirable and sometimes unbearable! Here are 7 ways to reduce waiting times in your service...

Customer experience is a conversation - how do you make it the best one you can?

Now that the world is technically at the fingertips of anyone with a smartphone, customers are getting savvier and savvier. And as they do, they are expecting the best possible customer experience – from every provider, every time.