What are the benefits of a Queue Management System?

benefits of qms

How many customers do you think a business can lose due to long waiting times?

According to one recent survey, the answer is a whopping 75%!

No business should ever find that acceptable. Queues can make people exhausted, frustrated and anxious. This could potentially lose you both new prospects as well as repeat customers who aren’t willing to go through that experience again.

This makes queue management a very high priority.

But there is a solution. To prevent long wait times and outdated queueing practises from jeopardising your business, here’s how a Queue Management System can provide valuable benefits for you and your customers.

What is a Queue Management System?

A Queue Management System (QMS) is a technological solution designed to manage customer interactions within your business or service centre. A QMS is a comprehensive platform that analyses the volume of customer flow, their methods of arrival, how long it takes for each customer to be serviced, and how customers are being addressed and prioritised in the queue.

All of this data is then collated and used to make improvements to the queuing situation and, ultimately, the customer experience. After all, it's rare to find someone who doesn’t mind long waits in a queue.

A queue management system is an effective way to minimise wait times and efficiently address your customers’ needs. However, there’s more to a QMS than simply keeping your customers happy. We’ve prepared a list of the key benefits that a QMS offers your organisation.

5 Key Benefits of a Queue Management System

1. Eliminates long and unappealing lines

No one wants to see a lengthy line winding out the front door of your business. This is an instant turn off and will cause you to lose customers without even realising.

With a queue management system, you can shorten your customers’ wait times and decrease congestion in your waiting area. This will reduce the chance of losing customers to frustrating waits and ultimately improve customer satisfaction – which brings us to our next point.

2. Refines your customer experience

In businesses or service centres where there are multiple lines for multiple services, you want to ensure that your customers are queueing in the right line for the service they are after. With a queue management system, you can help your customers find the service they are after faster, keep them informed of their status or place in the queue, and ultimately help them feel as if their wait time is shorter than it is.

Implementing a QMS is also an effective way to determine how to keep your customers entertained while they wait, which will distract them and reduce the risk of losing them altogether. This can be done with integrated digital signage, TVs, games, music or information resources that are all part of a well-designed QMS.

3. Frees up staff to improve efficiency and performance

Using a QMS to direct customers into the correct queue allows your staff to devote more time to providing service to your customers and improving operations, rather than managing extensive lines and frustrated clients.

Not only does this work to increase your customers’ overall satisfaction with your organisation, but it also creates a more fulfilling working environment for your staff.

4. Collects data that can help improve your services

A great queue management system not only helps to improve your wait times in the present moment, but also gathers real-time data about your business and customers to help you continue to make improvements over time, too. The data collected can help to identify which areas of your organisation are working well and which areas need to be addressed and improved.

This data can also be used by your staff to help monitor and manage queues in real-time, further helping to reduce the chances of losing customers to unreasonable waiting times. It can also help you plan for peak and off-peak times in your business, allowing you to efficiently schedule your staff resources according to average customer demand.

5. Boosts revenue and returns

As a QMS works to improve the operations and efficiency of your organisation, you will begin to convert more visitors into customers, and more customers into advocates.

On top of this, improvements to staffing and service management will save both time and money, leading to an overall increase in your revenue.

Integrated digital signage solutions can also drive revenue even further through targeted messaging and advertising to customers who are waiting in line.

Experience these benefits with the NEXA Queue Management System

A QMS is a critical component of your overall customer service strategy, and essential if you’re looking to enhance the experience you provide. 

To improve your customers’ journey, raise staff efficiencies and achieve high levels of satisfaction, it’s important to regularly assess and adapt your QMS in line with the evolving requirements of all of your stakeholders.  

At NEXA, we have innovative queue management solutions that can help you support your team, deliver excellent customer service and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape. 

Do you want to improve your customer experience?   

If you’re looking to improve your business’ overall customer experience but you’re not sure where to start, NEXA is here to support you.    

NEXA is an Australian company that delivers innovative solutions that streamline the customer journey. We offer tailored software that empowers our clients to improve their service by taking advantage of digital technology. 

Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you to make your customer interactions matter. 

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