Are you ready for today’s digital patient?

Today’s patients are not sitting idle in waiting rooms hoping they will be seen by a doctor at some stage. They are researching healthcare providers online, seeking recommendations on Social Media, looking up symptoms, booking appointments online...

NEXA to sponsor the VHA Patient Engagement Award

To highlight the increased scope of innovation in the public health sector, the Victorian Healthcare Association has added extra categories to their annual awards. For the first time, member organisations will be able to enter the Patient...

Talk to us at HIC 2017

The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) is hosting it’s 24th annual Health Informatics Conference (HIC) from 6-9 August 2017 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Bringing The Value of Omni-Channel to Healthcare Providers

Interactive communication channels, digital in nature, augment the patient’s physical visit to the clinic resulting in a true omni-channel patient journey and experience, which healthcare providers can leverage to create more value both for...

Digitizing Brick and Mortar, for a Purpose

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Optimising the Patient Journey workshop series highlights

EXPERT Q&A: Lior Miller, Chief Healthcare Solution Architect, Q-nomy

Lior Miller has over 10 years of experience as both a healthcare provider and on the vendor side as a solution specialist. He is an expert in medical and patient centric process management and is passionate about optimising work flows for...

Our operating room scheduling & management solution – watch the video today

Committed to optimizing patient journeys and throughput, NEXA tackles complex patient-centric-care delivery processes and streamlines them to enhance patient experience and healthcare provider performance.

The hidden value of appointment scheduling for hospitals

There is potential in appointment scheduling that is waiting to be unlocked – have you considered how it could change the experience of working at and visiting your hospital? Appointment scheduling can make your medical staff, your administrative...

"The only constant is change": the shifting roles of healthcare points of contact

People are changing the way they feel about having to visit and spend time at stores, public service offices, even clinics. You see that change in customer preferences, in customer satisfaction levels and even in the way people plan their day.