5 Benefits of taking an Omnichannel Approach to Healthcare: Streamlining the Journey for Today’s Patients

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Healthcare is very different today than what it was even just years ago.

The sector has evolved over time by adopting advancements in technology and responding to various worldwide health concerns, all of which have nudged the healthcare industry towards a more digital setup. As things shift, it’s more important than ever for medical organisations to keep up with changing patients’ needs, improve the patient experience and manage the entire patient journey.

For instance, one major shift is that there are now more ways than one to serve your patients. This is where the omnichannel approach comes in – a way to do more with less and deliver the superior quality of service your patients deserve.

Read on to learn more about how to integrate this omnichannel approach effectively into your healthcare organisation.

What is the omnichannel approach in healthcare?

The omnichannel approach involves coordinating multiple channels or touchpoints simultaneously to provide a more comprehensive and seamless customer experience by incorporating everything from computer or mobile app interactions, telephone calls and website visits to in-person visits.

In other words, your patients all have different preferences and expectations when it comes to interacting with your healthcare organisation. An omnichannel approach activates them all. For instance, some like to book appointments online, while others prefer the phone. Some prefer to find out about your clinic or centre through your website whereas others opt for SMS notifications.

With the omnichannel approach, business owners and medical service providers can provide these multiple options in an efficient way and integrate all channels effectively.

How does the healthcare omnichannel approach work?

The omnichannel approach can help healthcare providers take control and unify all of the channels for the benefit of both the organisation and patients.

By claiming ownership over all communications, interactions and touchpoints, healthcare providers can offer a consistent message and good patient experience. In addition, each touchpoint can collect the medical data of patients so that, every time they interact in the future, all of their previous information is on file.

This way, when a patient who has had a previous consultation with one of your physicians or has booked an appointment via their phone, then visits your hospital or centre, your medical staff have full transparency of their existing records and can better serve the patient accordingly.

Benefits of the omnichannel approach in healthcare

The integration of multiple digital channels augments the patient’s experience, resulting in a seamless omnichannel patient journey. No matter how they interact with a healthcare organisation, they always get a superior experience.

Healthcare providers like you can leverage this approach to create more value both for your organisation and your patients.

With omnichannel healthcare, your facility can now streamline all processes and offer self-service options as well so your patients can progress their healthcare journey at their convenience.

Why use the omnichannel approach in healthcare?

With the recent developments in technology and the evolving needs of your patients, adopting the omnichannel approach in healthcare can help providers like you achieve your overarching goals.

Here are some of the key benefits of omnichannel healthcare:

  1. It streamlines the customer journey.

This approach allows you to manage every touchpoint of the patient experience, from visit registration, billing and insurance eligibility confirmation to check-in and follow-up. This self-service-oriented workflow also reduces the need for assistance from the clinic receptionist, which then minimises waiting times and increases patient satisfaction.

  1. It reduces operational costs.

Healthcare providers today need to offer more value through medical outcomes and patient satisfaction, while controlling costs. With an omnichannel approach paired with productive communication tools, you can do more with less and minimise the costs of repetitive and unnecessary processes.

  1. It increases workflow efficiency.

With easy access to all patient information and the availability of self-service options, the omnichannel approach allows you to engage more with patients and enables your team to focus on better outcomes. Some steps can also be handled by patients themselves via self-service kiosks, further reducing your team’s workload.

  1. It improves communication between you and your patients.

Communicating with patients via various channels such as IoT wearables, online medical devices, website forms, video sessions, texting and patient portals, together with actionable workflows based on this data, together provides a lot of value regarding patient wellbeing and is conducive to improving an organisation’s bottom line.

  1. It helps provide a more patient-centric service.

Omnichannel healthcare revolves around providing multiple touchpoint options for your patients. As these are under your control, they can be aligned and automated using workflow frameworks by considering the patient to be an active participant, creating a truly patient-centric approach.

The omnichannel approach in which all physical and digital channels are entwined can help healthcare providers restructure workflow frameworks for triage nurses, physical patient visits, patient-related back-office tasks and case management.

This results in less paperwork, fewer manual tasks and less manual allocation of resources, ultimately increasing efficiencies and reducing patient waiting time.

In essence, a healthcare omnichannel approach provides more interaction channels which complement and enhance each other. This helps your team to improve overall medical service delivery and patient outcomes.

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