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In Australia, there are more than 50,000 hospitalisations and presentations to public hospital emergency departments every single day!

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As a healthcare provider, your main objective is ensuring that patients are happy with the services you offer them.

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There’s no denying that service design will improve and innovate your existing Healthcare service or help you design new ones, but there may be barriers along the way. We look at how to approach these barriers with suggested solutions to...

Patient Journey Part 2: How can real-time engagement improve the experience of oncology patients during their visit?

In our first installment of this blog, we discussed creating a patient-centric operational treatment plan, and using an omnichannel approach to delegate and empower the patient as an integral part of the oncology patient journey. In this post we...

Patient Journey Part 1: How can omnichannel engagement improve the experience of oncology patients and supporting family?

Healthcare providers today ask more of patients; inundating them with intake forms, screening questionnaires, patient experience & satisfaction scores and more. Nevertheless, patients are interested in getting pertinent educational information,...