Power the Happy through food this Starlight Day

starlight story2

Since being diagnosed with leukaemia, Ruby's whole life has been hospital – but through it all, she found magic, fun and laughter with #CaptainStarlight! Friday 5 May is #StarlightDay, and you can help the Starlight Children's Foundation #PowerTheHappy for sick kids like Ruby.

NEXA has been a supporter of the Starlight Children’s Foundation for many years. To further our involvement with this incredible organization, we will be celebrating Starlight Day in the office. This will give all team members a chance to make a positive difference in the lives of seriously ill and terminal children.

Starlight run a number of entertaining and engaging programs in children’s hospitals across Australia. To deliver these, they rely on fundraising initiatives and donations. On 5 May it’s Starlight Day, the foundations biggest national fundraising event and we’re excited for the NEXA team to get involved.

This year Starlight need our support to help raise $1.3 million so they can help make hospital less scary and more fun for sick kids and their families. We are hosting a “BAKE OFF so we can put a SMILE ON the faces of kids in hospital” team fundraiser. NEXA will match all team member donations to ensure we do our part to help the Foundation reach its goal.

You can get involved too and help make a difference in the lives of the thousands of kids who are in hospital. http://bit.ly/donate-to-power-thehappy


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