How to improve your customers’ experience when queueing for services

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People today are very mindful of their precious time.


Everyone has a to-do list of errands to accomplish, and they expect organisations like yours to take this into account when it comes to customer service.

While you can make your operations as efficient as possible, there’s always a challenge when it comes to queueing - and it still remains the main CX (customer experience) problem for service providers like clinics, universities, banks and government services. While people know queueing is necessary, they immediately see it as wasted time.

However, imagine if you had a way to manage customer queueing where people could line up virtually via their mobile devices and use that time productively, rather than wait in a lobby or waiting area. It would improve their experience and make the process far more seamless.

With Mobile Q, you can.

NEXA’s Mobile Q is an additional application to Q-Flow® software that provides a virtual queueing option for your clients, meaning that they can be in line for your service by checking in with their mobile device but not have to physically wait in a room.

Here’s how it works.

How to improve your customers’ queueing experience

Picture this common scenario – a university’s administration office is open and managing student enquiries for enrolments, forms, applications and so on. As usual, there’s an influx of students all there, ‘patiently’ waiting for their turn.

The long queues and crowded office make this an unpleasant experience, and due to COVID, there is also a distance and capacity limit too. The students know they have no choice but to be there, but it’s still a frustrating wait, nonetheless.

This queueing situation also occurs with patients at a clinic or hospital, clients at a business and people requiring government services such as driver’s licence renewals. While queueing is normal, it may actually be costing you customers and lowering your customer service rating.

What if you had a queue management solution that eliminates physical queues and reduces congestion?

Wouldn’t it be better to have an online queue system with virtual ticketing, enabling people to receive wait times and current position in the queue while they’re on the move?

It’s possible. To provide a better customer experience and cater to people who need to fit your services around their busy schedules, you need to revolutionise your queue management system.

That’s why our team at NEXA developed a solution that puts queueing in the palm of your customers’ hands with Mobile Q.

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Harness the power of a virtual queueing system with NEXA’s Mobile Q

Mobile Q is an enhancement to Q-Flow® that enables your clients to join a virtual queue using any mobile device, no matter where they are. Instead of having people check-in at the desk and then forced to wait in a room, they simply scan or click to join and then continue about their day until it’s their turn.

This means they can use the wait time to head out and grab a coffee, have lunch, run errands or go shopping, and their phones are holding their position in the line.

Managing the flow of customers and making your queue management simple and organised doesn’t just improve customer satisfaction – it also offers improved operational efficiencies and cost-savings too.

What are the benefits of Mobile Q’s virtual queueing system?
  • Convenience for your clients

You can give people the option to monitor their queue status easily from their devices and allow them the opportunity to use their waiting time more productively.

  • Efficient communication

Remove the risk of confusion between your staff and clients. With a virtual queue management system, customers can keep track of their queue status and your staff can proactively prepare for their next service appointment.

  • Improved efficiencies

Your team can focus on delivering quality service, without having to spend a lot of time managing queues manually.

  • Comply with COVID-19 requirements

By preventing congestion and effectively managing the flow of people, virtual queues help your organisation comply with COVID safety and physical distancing measures.

  • Eliminate unnecessary operational costs

Virtual queueing allows you to identify and eliminate service bottlenecks. It also saves you from wasting money on crowd and people management.

  • Opportunity to increase sales

Long queues can discourage customers. But with a virtual queueing system, you make the system far more welcoming and effective.

These are just a few of the many benefits that Mobile Q offers.


It comes with a list of customisable features and branding options that help you transform your queue management and customer service for the better.

Want to know more? Visit our Mobile Q page for all the details.

Let’s make your queueing easy with NEXA’s Mobile Q.

At NEXA, we’re focused on delivering innovative solutions that streamline the customer journey and improve internal efficiencies.  

With Q-Flow® and Mobile Q, we’ll help you create a better operating environment that offers your clients the best quality of service and customer experience.

Contact us today and we can discuss your needs.  


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