Digitizing Brick and Mortar, for a Purpose

brick mortar

Originally posted on the Qnomy blog here

There are many ways to describe the functions of Q-Flow®, but in essence, what this unique piece of software does is digitize brick and mortar stores and physical service locations.

What this actually means is that Q-Flow provides digital data that describes the physical entities living in the retail and service space, their planned activities, their actual behavior, and their interactions.

Why is it critical to the business to implement what is obviously a highly complex, sophisticated piece of software, that spans so many business processes and affects so many users – both internal (staff) and external (customers)?

In this recent article published by McKinsey & Company, numerous examples are provided that illustrate the importance of smartly integrated omnichannel customer journeys. These examples show that a satisfactory journey must be much more than just a series of satisfactory interactions on isolated touch-points if the journey is to positively influence the customer experience and create value to the business.

Clearly, as long as all touch points are digital, it's all good. Many proven methodologies and tools allow businesses to analyze, streamline, connect and enhance their digital channels and customer communications. The only problem is with the physical touch-points… those seem to be the black sheep of the multi-channel customer experience.

This is why digitizing brick and mortar is such a critical business goal; and this is precisely where Q-Flow holds the key to perfectly integrating all channels, digital and physical, allowing businesses to produce those seamless omnichannel journeys that customers crave.

By digitizing the organization’s brick and mortar touch-points, Q-Flow enables the organization to manipulate its physical entities using the same technologies as digital ones. Physical traffic can be analyzed just like website traffic; in-store customer flow can be managed exactly like call-center telephony; customer experiences become fully controllable and personalized in the retail space, same as on e-commerce channels; and so forth.

Most importantly, Q-Flow enables unified management of physical and digital channels, which in turn enables the business to create true omnichannel experiences.


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