A sneak peak at queue management software of the future

sneak peak

For the hundreds of hospitals, tertiary education campuses, federal and local government departments and councils, business and other organisations we have had the privilege of working with over the last decade, our queue management software solution Q-Flow V5 has been a game changer. It has automated appointment bookings, reduced wait times, increased operational efficiencies, made data more transparent and provided real time feedback to enhance businesses processes. Most importantly it has dramatically improved the customer flow experience which is always our ultimate goal.

Last week we participated in the Q-nomy conference in Miami where we were given glimpses into the next version of the software which got the NEXA team a little hot under the collar! Q-Flow V6 is set to be smarter, more powerful, sharper, better in every way!

The most fundamental enhancement to the platform is the concept of Q-Flow Apps. Whereas customisation projects in previous versions of Q-Flow may have been a loose combination of configuration settings, scattered scripts, UI templates and so on, V6 projects are packaged as Apps. Each project is tested, delivered, installed, and overall managed as a single item, ensuring its integrity throughout the process.

Rest assured Version 5 is still working hard and will continue to serve customers just as it has been for the past decade. Considering that its development started in 2007, it has definitely had a respectable lifespan, evidence of its superb engineering, robustness and scalability.

“As a strategic partner to Q-nomy and the exclusive distributor of Q-Flow software in Australia, we are very excited to bring this next generation software to our clients. It really is better in every way and revolutionary for our time. As customers demand better experiences and have the means to instantly share the details of their experience on social media and beyond, organisations are striving to exceed expectations and secure customer loyalty. NEXA plays a pivotal role in enabling our clients to continuously improve their customers’ experiences and business processes”, Bill Thompson, Sales Director, NEXA Group.

Q-Flow V6 will launch in the first half of next year and we will be ready to upgrade your systems when you are. Stay tuned for more product enhancement details.


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