Customer Centric BPM


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What does "Customer Centric BPM Software" mean? What is BPM actually? The answers are revealed in a new video, which you can see right here and on our NEXA YouTube channel.

The video takes you through the journey of an ordinary guy applying for a permit to build a spaceship landing-pad in his backyard… fictional? Maybe – but also, totally resembling so many familiar government application processes!

Watch how NEXA's Q-Flow PM manages the process and keeps the customer informed and engaged throughout the process. This is what "customer centric" means: a BPM software that connects backend workflow to the customer experience, and never loses sight of the person at the receiving end of the process.

Needless to say, NEXA's BPM solutions are relevant to more industries than just government: whether it is a bank doing financial assessment before approving a loan, a medical center running and analyzing a series of tests, or a retailer working to fulfill a large customer order – customer service processes are everywhere. You can manage them using standard BPM solutions and hope efficiency does not come at the expense of customer satisfaction – or, you can try Q-Flow PM and ensure effective delivery to happy customers.

You can enjoy the video here.


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