Shoplifting by permission – Take the product and leave at Amazon stores of the future


An article published in Recode recently, revealing Amazon plans to open retail, non-book related brick and mortar stores, uncovers a possible solution for a problem many retailers are aware of, according to a recent PwC research – shoppers list easy checkout as their number one condition to visit a brick and mortar store.

Recode senior editor Jason Del Rey writes Amazon is planning to implement automatic check out in its future retail stores – just take the product and leave, you will be billed and the product removed from the store inventory.

This is important in many ways – an online shopping titan going physical (a trend we see in recent months), customer dislikes changing the way the B&M store operates on a whole new level, fusing the digital with the physical at the core and many more.

We at NEXA believe that answering customer needs as depicted in the PwC report cited above (like empowering sales associates with sales enhancing data) and providing a low effort experience to the customer is key to increase sales, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

The end result is that merging technologies like the one Amazon will employ in an optimised customer journey – online scheduling, data enhanced sales assistance and visit management – will be the norm in the near future.


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