Online appointment booking for the customers of today

NEXA to attend this year’s Digital Health Summit

Combining innovative healthcare solutions with technology

We’re excited to announce that NEXA will be at the upcoming Digital Health Summit in Sydney.

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Collecting and using customer feedback is nothing new.

5 Benefits of taking an Omnichannel Approach to Healthcare: Streamlining the Journey for Today’s Patients

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It’s Not About The Destination, It’s About The Journey – Mapping Your Customer Journey for Modern Customers

A customer needs a product or service. The customer sees that your product or service fits their needs. Then, the customer buys the product or service from you.

The New Norm of Service Queueing That Organisations are Adopting and Customers are Expecting

In the last few years, the global pandemic, changing customer behaviours and rapid technological advancements have all radically transformed the way businesses conduct their service-based queueing.

Appointment Scheduling is Only Half The Solution

Appointment scheduling is common today for businesses – and rightly so.

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After nearly two years locked away, Australia has reopened our international borders to the world once more.

5 Reasons Why Appointment-Based Services are a Must for Your Business Today

The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected so many facets of our daily lives, which has shifted a lot of societal norms over the past 2 years - particularly around customer behaviours.

How businesses can transform their customer experience in 2022

Every year comes with a sense of enthusiasm as you consider what adjustments you can make to benefit your business, your staff and your customers.