Appointment Booking Is Good. Here's a Recipe for Making It Great.


Many banks allow their customers to book appointments with staff, and see this as a simple way to improve service, reduce wait time, and make bankers' work more predictable. However, these banks are not always aware of how appointment scheduling can deeply impact their business.

To make the most out of scheduling, add a vitalising ingredient: business process management, or BPM for short. True, many organisations already implement BPM in their back-offices and headquarters, where this is seen as mandatory for streamlining the complexity of cross-enterprise workflow. However, it is rarely extended to span the branch network.

This might be part of a more general approach to branches, seeing them as a fleet of black-boxes, which are difficult to monitor and control anyway, so they might as well as be judged solely based on resources spent and end-goal achievements. Yet, NEXA’s approach is to manage and analyse branch operations as well as customer experience for we have all the tools required to do so.

Using NEXA’s methodology, branches can be more than just monitored and supervised – they can be virtually merged with back-offices, producing a single customer service operation, where workflow is managed from start to end, regardless if it starts at the branch and ends at the back-office, or vice versa, or goes back and forth until the process is completed.

A key component of any BPM system is its scheduling engine. The ability to schedule tasks enables processes to be managed in a way that optimises the utilisation of enterprise resources, and ensures they are completed and their products delivered according to business priorities and SLA.

By scheduling customer service operations, NEXA’s BPM optimises service processes and ensures proper prioritisation of deliverables. And by implementing a software solution that inherently combines appointment scheduling and BPM, banks can achieve the most effective delivery of solutions to their customers' requests.

NEXA’s Q-Flow solution, which features the most advanced combination of appointment booking, customer service scheduling and workflow management, helps banks in achieving both unprecedented efficiency in their internal customer-centric operations and outstanding customer experience.

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