What are the benefits of a Queue Management System?

If you have customers who queue for your service, then you need to consider a queue management system. There are many reasons why a QMS can help your organisation, but here we’ve boiled them down to five crucial benefits.

New Year Message from NEXA’s CEO

7 clever ways to reduce waiting times in your organisation

Nobody likes waiting in queues. Not only is the lost time frustrating, but also the feelings of uncertainty, boredom and annoyance makes the wait so undesirable and sometimes unbearable! Here are 7 ways to reduce waiting times in your service...

NEXA's Q-Flow Patient Journey at The Emergency Department

NEXA’s Queuing solution for the emergency department streamlines the patient journey and enhances the visitor experience. To better understand just how this works, watch this video which highlights Mr Quimby’s visit to the Emergency Department...

Using Customer Flow To Bring Efficiencies

Having an efficient customer flow or queue management system not only has a positive and long lasting impact on your customers it can also help you optimise staffing levels in your branch.

Can A Queue Management System Improve Customer Experience?

Queuing, we all do it and I suspect, all hate it.  The question is, can an advanced queue management system improve your experience?