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Integrating Customer Touchpoints

"The only constant is change": the shifting roles of healthcare points of contact

People are changing the way they feel about having to visit and spend time at stores, public service offices, even clinics. You see that change in customer preferences, in customer satisfaction levels and even in the way people plan their day.

"The world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes, does it?"

In the movie Memento, Leonard Shelby, can't remember anything that happened more than 15 minutes before. This condition leads him to take actions of grim consequences.

Customer Journey Intelligence

Customer Journey Intelligence is the term we like to use to describe the methods and tools available for analysing customer flow and customer experience. As NEXA’s solutions generate plenty of information pertaining to the customer journey (to the...

Appointment Booking Is Good. Here's a Recipe for Making It Great.

Many banks allow their customers to book appointments with staff, and see this as a simple way to improve service, reduce wait time, and make bankers' work more predictable. However, these banks are not always aware of how appointment scheduling can...

A Clever and Simple Solution for Banks

Providing a software solution for banks might seem like a daunting task, especially when the issue at hand is customer experience and service. Phrases like 'customer data' and 'systems integration' spring to mind, followed by 'information security'...

Shoplifting by permission – Take the product and leave at Amazon stores of the future

An article published in Recode recently, revealing Amazon plans to open retail, non-book related brick and mortar stores, uncovers a possible solution for a problem many retailers are aware of, according to a recent PwC research – shoppers list easy...

Top Five Do's And Don'ts Of Digital Signage

In today’s fast moving consumer environment, companies trying to promote brand are turning to Digital Signage as a proven platform to “get their message across”. The issue is, unless you are doing it right, your message just becomes ‘wallpaper’